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Monday, October 18, 2010

Started my own lawn service business today

Like the title says, I started one. It will probably fail, but with how bad the Michigan job market is I am not really left with many choices. So to all the self starters out there, the best of luck to you.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Madeleine Mcann

Sure you have heard of Madeleine Mcann. She disappeared on the evening of Thursday, 3 May 2007, while on holiday with her parents and twin siblings in the Algarve region of Portugal. The British girl went missing from an apartment, in the central area of the resort of Praria de Luz a few days before her fourth birthday, and has still not been found...until now?

What you are looking at is nearly irrefutable evidence of what has happened here. This is about to blow up guys, stay tuned.


Sorry guys, been a little slow to update recently. Been very busy with school. But today, I leave you with something. Something that will make you smile.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red Wings Ready to Bounce Back

So, Hockey fan or have heard of the Red Wings.

After a disappointing playoff run last season, and losing in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals against Pittsburgh in 2008 you can most definitely expect the Wings to come back in a huge way this season. With the addition of legendary American skater Mike Modano expect to see all of our lines improve as well as our penalty kill. Jiri Hudler will also be returning to the Wings this season after his season long run in the KHL.

So who will be the top points producers? Here are my predictions.

1. Henrik Zetterberg

Not only do I think he feels the cup calling his name, his passion for the game has made him a natural leader for the Wings. I expect him to put up anywhere from 80-90 points this season.

2. Pavel Datsyuk

Expect more shootout wizardry from this man. He can weave himself so well through traffic in the zone it's sickening. Expect him to make anywhere from 80-90 points this season.

3. Johan Franzen

Expect everyone on the ice to be a little afraid of this man. The Mule is back and kicking in full force after coming off of being injured last season. His points surged last season when he came back, expect season long scoring madness. Expect him to make around 80 points.

There are many things to be excited for this season if you are a Wings fan. Expect more updates from me.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Always Sunny

So, the new season of my favorite show, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia starts tonight at 10. Needless to say I am quite excited.

I'll be having some friends over to watch while we partake in the ritualistic smoking of the ganja.

But what I really wanted to talk about is this. Does this show ever take it too far? Whether it be making fun of deaf mutes, or homeless people this show is never slow to offend.
But is it actually offensive? I don't think so. You have to appreciate the humor that the characters lives just ooze naturally. And while it may be offensive to some, they are also making fun of themselves.

Maybe Americans get up in arms about things too easy, but for tonight I don't have to worry about such things. Just about watching my beloved show.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't Chief it if it Ain't Yours.

Don't chief on my shit if you aren't paying me or throwing down. Dicks.

Pic very related.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Guide to Combo's!

Alright guys so I have been playing the absolute shit out of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and I wanted to create a little guide for the combos in the game.

First we will start off with the weapon combos.

Electric Rake
Battery + Rake
Pitchfork + Shotgun
Paddle Saw
Kayak Paddle + Chainsaw
Air Horn
Spray Paint + Traffic Cone
Improvised Explosive Device
Box of Nails + Gas Can
Newspaper + Whiskey
Drill Bucket
Bucket + Drill
Beer Hat
Bottle of Beer + Hard Hat
Spiked Bat
Baseball Bat + Nails.

And now for the drink mixes.
Energizer: Chuck cannot be injured.
Mixes: Chili + Chili
Nectar: Queen Bees will be attracted.
Mixes: Orange Juice + Milk
Pain Killer: Health.
Mixes: Beer + Beer; Whiskey + Whiskey
Quickstep: Increases Chuck’s speed drastically.
Mixes: Milk + Milk; Bacon, Pie
Randomizer: Random drink with a strong chance of making Chuck sick.
Mixes: Whiskey + Beer
Repulse: Zombies will not and cannot attack you.
Mixes: Hot Dog + Soda
Spitfire: Chuck can spit a short range flame burst attack.
Mixes: Snack + Snack; Whiskey + Snack
Untouchable: Chuck cannot be grabbed by Zombies.
Mixes: Bacon + Milk
Zombait: Zombies are more attracted to Chuck.
Mixes: Milk, Pie; Beer + Hotdog

Now this is just what I have found so far. If you find anymore feel free to comment and tell me!