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Monday, September 13, 2010

Sitting around today I began to be very nostalgic. The games I used to play, the movies I used to love, the books I read front cover to back over and over. But let's be honest, the video games are most important...

The first system I owned was an NES. I had Mario/Duck Hunt and eventually got Mega Man and some other random games. Mega Man was always a little difficult for me at such a young age. But did I love Mario and Duck Hunt. Eventually I got an N64, never a SNES. I had Diddy Kong racing and played the fuck out of it. That along with Blast Corps. That game was so satisfying at a young age. The idea of destroying all those buildings as a giant robot was pretty appealing at the time.

The Playstation was probably responsible for a few missed homework assignments. Syphon Filter was my shit on that console. Had Crash Bandicoot too. Didn't enjoy it as much.

The fuck am I rambling for?


  1. xD man the first console i ever owned was a nintendow something, huge grey fuck of thing which i played mario on. It was beast and is a large part of my childhood <3 xD

  2. NES was the only console i ever had. Zelda was my favorite.